The parent is regarded as the child’s primary and most important teacher. As a parent partners in the learning process, you help build connections between home and school, give value to the child’s experiences by engaging in them, and enrich the processes and events of the classroom by participating in them. Through the sharing of your gifts, talents, time and resources, you contribute to the quality of the entire learning community.


Here is a sample School Calendar from the 2023-2024 year.

*Dates are subject to change based on school year.  A final calendar for the current school year will be provided upon enrollment.


  • AUG 1- first day of school

School closed at 12pm.


  • NOV 17- minimum day


  • FEB 21-23- minimum day


  • Labor Day


  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Break (Wed-Fri)


  • Christmas Break (1 week)


  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day


  • Presidents’ Day


  • Good Friday


  • Memorial Day


  • Independence Day
  • Staff Prep Week – Last Week of July


Teachers have completed Ealy Childhood Education units that meets or exceeds the requirements for the state of California. They have attended conferences held by the teachers at the Diana school in Reggio Emilia, and are trained in infant child CPR.

  • The toddler class is a 1-6 ratio with a maximum of 12 children and 2 teachers.
  • The Preschool classroom is a 1-10 ratio, with a maximum of 20 children and 2 teachers.
  • The PK classroom is a 1-12 ratio with a maximum of 20 children and 2 teachers.

For the half day program, you will provide a nut free snack, and extra clothes that will be kept in your child’s cubby. For the full day program, you will bring 2 snacks, a lunch and a sleeping bag that can be easily stored during the day.

We have a secure building; once children are registered parents receive a key fob allowing access to the building. All classroom doors remain locked. We have security cameras on the exterior of the building and play area, in addition to the lobby and hallway.

If your child is in the toddler program, they do not have to be potty trained. Preschool and Pre-K are required to be potty trained.

North Coast Preschool supports daily communication and has an open-door policy with parents. We use several ways to communicate about your child’s day. Connecting with you at the end of the day with a brief conversation, e-mail, private classroom Instagram accounts. We also do mid-year conferences and assessments.

Annual Registration Fee: $100 (all ages)
Half Days (9am-12pm) | Full Days (8am-5pm)

Toddler (2-3 years)

2 Half Days
$438per month
3 Half Days
$548per month
5 Half Days
$710per month
2 Full Days
$656per month
3 Full Days
$803per month
5 Full Days
$1,005per month

Preschool (3-5 years)

2 Half Days
$334per month
3 Half Days
$448per month
5 Half Days
$632per month
2 Full Days
$557per month
3 Full Days
$710per month
5 Full Days
$947per month